Concrete repair & Rubber Paving Services

Rubber Paving & Resurfacing Services


Our mission 

is to make your residential or commercial construction projects a reality. 

Whether you’re a homeowner seeking a revived driveway, sidewalk, garage pad, patio, or have a similar commercial project, our experienced, knowledgeable and professional team will help you make the best informed decision on how to move forward efficiently and cost effectively. 

Rubber Paving or rubber flooring are great solutions to many of renovation projects. Keep Rubber Resurfacing as an option.

Interior Surfaces

rubber paving pool decking

Interior surfaces such as garage floors, pool decks, commercial flooring  and playground spaces are areas where rubber paving or rubber flooring is an awesome option. Providing durable, easy to maintain and safe non slip surfaces.  Rubber Resurfacing is an optimal solution over replacing.

Great for children to play on, employees to stand on all day and customers to walk on. 

Our Rubber Tiles have no toxic VOCs or off gassing.  They are made flat to stay flat.

Rubber Paving

Rubber Paving Driveway

Refresh the exterior of your home by having rubber paving installed over your existing driveways, sidewalks, patios and garage pads. We have applied in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and most of Alberta.

Rubber Resurfacing is much less interruption that replacing concrete. Plus is more flexible and durable, therefore more suited to Alberta's freeze-thaw cycles. 

The most easy to shovel surface.

Children love playing on its soft surface. 

Made to last. 

Very pleasing to look at.