Rubber Paving & Concrete Repair

Rubber Paving & Concrete Repair

Rubber Paving & Concrete RepairRubber Paving & Concrete RepairRubber Paving & Concrete Repair

Repair and Resurface Old, Aged & Damaged Concrete 

About Us


What We Do

Concrete Options works with residential or commercial clients to repair, level and resurface their aged, spalling, cracked or broken concrete instead of removing & replacing. We work on both interior and exterior concrete. When you have spalled concrete or cracked and heaved concrete, it can be frustrating to shovel snow or even walk on. Also, uneven concrete allows water to flow where it wants, which is usually in the wrong direction -towards the house! Does water pool in the front corners of your Garage? We can level your concrete or simply direct the water to flow where it should be, thereby possibly saving much more costly damage & repairs. 

Rubber Paving adds new life to your existing concrete surface! 


Repair, Restore or Resurface

We specialize in providing concrete repair solutions that are cost effective while enhancing the look of worn, tired or damaged surfaces. Once repaired the concrete can be resurfaced using rubber paving as a flexible and durable alternate to removing and replacing of that aged existing concrete. The revitalized surface is now flat, easy to maintain, slip-resistant, soft, durable and very 

esthetically pleasing to look at. The colour alternatives can match any home decor. Since the Rubber Paving is poured-in-place, it is a custom fit that enhances the 

look of any space necessary. 

The aged and uneven concrete you were embarrassed of is now a rubber surface you can enjoy and be proud of. 


Why Choose Concrete Options?

We enable homeowners and contractors to

 make informed decisions for the most

 aesthetically pleasing solution for their situation. 

Replace or Repair & Resurface. 

Concrete Options has 20 years of concrete repair experience working with just about every concrete problem. What we do not know, we have developed

 the proper contacts that do know. 

Water management is a large part of our prep work. 

With 10+ years of Rubber Paving experience, 

we have covered a lot of aged concrete. 

Whatever your situation, we have the expertise 

to Repair and Resurface!

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