Concrete Repair & Resurface

Old Aged Concrete Resurface

Rubber Resurfacing can make aged concrete driveways enjoyable again.

Rubber paving can be applied right over your existing old aged concrete. So you do not have to remove it. Both 100's of tires and broken concrete with rebar, stay out of the landfills. 

You are left with a much more enjoyable surface - nicer to look at, softer to walk on and safer for the children to play on. 

Small Repairs

Do you have concrete that has sunken and pools water? We repair concrete before applying the Rubber Paving.

Before we apply Rubber Paving, we address any concrete repairs necessary for stability and Water Management. We just don't cover up the concrete problem, we repair it first.  This might be leveling, cutting, chasing cracks, caulking, lifting or patching. Then we resurface. 

Step Repair

Before & After set of small steps we repaired and then applied Rubber Paving!

Our customers love the Benefits of Rubber Paving.  Jim says 'Love the steps, not slippery, swept the snow off. Look great.'

Crumbling concrete steps are dangerous. We rebuild the step nosing and level them so water runs off. With the rubber paving surface, your steps will be slip-resistant, easy to shovel and safe to use.