Frequently Asked Questions


What can be done to repair damaged concrete?

Concrete Options offers repair and replacement options for all kinds of projects, including sidewalks, driveways, garages (pooling in corners) and curb repairs. We can also remove and replace concrete for sidewalks, ramps, and patios. From minor repairs to more complicated restoration projects. 

 - WE DO IT ALL - 

Waterproofing - Grout Injection - Caulking - Crack Repair - Protective Coatings - Epoxy Injection - Resurface

Rubber paving is great for Children to play on.

Why would I replace my existing concrete when I can rubber paving right over top?

Some of the many advantages to rubber paving besides keeping thousands of tires out of the Canadian landfills are:

  • Durable non slip surface safe for children
  • Much less expensive than replacing
  • Easy to maintain and doesn’t retain water
  • Looks AMAZING and is a 100% recycled
  • Outperforms asphalt or concrete
  • WON’T crack and crumble


Is rubber paving cost effective?

Rubber paving is a cost effective solution vs the removal and replacement of existing concrete surfaces.

* Removing concrete causes major disruption,

Rubber Paving and prep work is usually a 2-3 day process with no damage to landscaping.

* Have to stay off new concrete for 28 days. 

You can drive on Rubber Paving in 3-4 days. 

* Old concrete with rebar goes into the land fills,

Rubber Paving keeps old concrete and 100's of tires out of the landfills.

* Rubber paving is much less intrusive, cost less, creates a nicer surface and is Eco-Friendly.


What if I have grass or gravel now?

Rubber Paving is very versatile. 

If you have grass or loose gravel for a driveway, we incorporate a plastic grid structure that adds stability to the ground. We pack a strong road crush base, lay the grid on top and fill with pea gravel, which we pack again. 

On top of this strong, stable base we apply our Rubber Paving.  

When we are completed you will have a durable, flat, slip-resistant, easy to maintain surface that works with our freeze thaw cycles. Water drains thru the rubber and grid into the earth. 

An excellent Driveway, that will last a long, long time.